I don't find war sexy but ok?

2021.09.26 15:19 Adorable_Document665 I don't find war sexy but ok?

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2021.09.26 15:19 squirreltrap Who is the most famous person you’ve talked to? What did you talk about?

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2021.09.26 15:19 Venom_2k2 $300 Card - Your Chosen Gaming Platform - new giveaway for September (10/03/2021) {WW}

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2021.09.26 15:19 TheWrinklyDog Real rose earrings. Yellow roses in resin on sterling silver hook wires. Handmade nature jewelry for her. by VillaSorgenfrei

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2021.09.26 15:19 Just_Roma Juniper. :3

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2021.09.26 15:19 CarToonZ213 A Landscaping Project so far with shaders

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2021.09.26 15:19 AverageGamerGuy3000 Anyone want to run Cayo b2b?

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2021.09.26 15:19 Sachiarias I've written myself into a Roleplaying corner. Help!

So, the party has been travelling around the Ten-Towns, talking to Speakers individually to get them to back them. The obvious question became "How do we know if they've backed us?"
So I said they've do a vote about it as part of their speaker meeting in bryn shander each month. The Party asked "Can we attend this meeting?" Sure I thought, so you can see which speakers you convinced and which speakers were lying to you and don't want to back you.
The problem starts here: I wrote up a list of all the points the speakers will be discussing - basically the entire campaign. The Arcane Brotherhood, the Frost druids, the Duergar - obviously the speakers don't know a lot about some of these points, but they'll want to discuss them in case the other speakers do. Ok, I thought, that's doable - I can write up a transcript of the entire meeting for the party to read. It makes sense they party would be given the notes to the meeting, and would learn all the little bits they need to start putting the big picture together.
Except the party has seen the meetings agenda and wants to talk to the speakers live about a LOT of the points on there. Which would be two whole sessions of roleplay, with me having to act out 10 Speakers at once, with no idea when the party will hop into the conversation. On the one hand, I doubt the party wants to listen to me talk to me for hours if they could read it between sessions instead. On the other, I don't want to steal the chance to Roleplay from my players - These speakers have been the tent poles of the campaign, and I can see why they'd want to have a conversation with all of them available. What do I do?
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2021.09.26 15:19 theZiMRA whats this little guy?

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2021.09.26 15:19 Sam_Crypto123 Brickken

This is a long time project with big chance for making profitable.
Brickken #BKN #IDO #Token #Sale @BrickkenSTO website
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2021.09.26 15:19 gregthe1 who wore it better

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2021.09.26 15:19 Taka_no_Yaiba bruh

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2021.09.26 15:19 GeraldThompson38 MORE TACOS POR FAVOR.....................

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2021.09.26 15:19 Jojoc63 Wedding dress bought 👰🥰❤️

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2021.09.26 15:18 officialgoblin Sailors on the Starless Sea map and tokens I made. The simplicity isn't everyone's style, but it's mine and I thought I'd share for people with similar aesthetics.

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2021.09.26 15:18 TeemoSux Team comp for hu tao question!

Im was planning to make my team: Hu tao, xinqu, xiangling, diona
but i realized xiangling will probably be counter productive as she will steal vape proccs from hu tao
I heard people recommend bennet, but that sounds like a poor choice to me since youd want hu tao to be under 50% health, Sucrose instead of xiangling for resistance shred sounds nice too but youd need another pyro for the swirl too right?
Also, id prefer having 2 pyros for the resonance

So how would you change this team up? Or what do yall play? :)

Ima save up for c6 hutao and r5 staff of homa no matter how many reruns and years itll take lol
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2021.09.26 15:18 tokenflip408619 Japanese A5 and Australian Waygu

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2021.09.26 15:18 Floorbrick Yang Post: What do you love/find very interesting about her?

I want to hear the communities opinion on Yang as a whole, since, to me at least, she's gaining to be one of the most popular of the four. I'll start.
Her fighting style is amazing. She's incredibly layered. Has the power to go Super Saiyan Is one of the few shining beacons in 5 Barb really brings her to life Has the best fight in the series with Black vs. Adam.
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2021.09.26 15:18 carlyclue Will ‘1917’ and ‘Dunkirk’ age like wine or vinegar?

Dunkirk found a fresh way to the war genre by having three timelines as the gimmick and 1917 came out two years later with the one shot gimmick.
These two films have amazing craftsmanship but both films are akin to theme park rides. Beneath the surface, they have no plot or characters outside their gimmicks.
Will these films have a place in history books or will they fizzle out as time goes on because both films are only spectacle?
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2021.09.26 15:18 xActuallyabearx Review #74: Laphroaig 10 Sherry Oak Finish

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2021.09.26 15:18 Local_Cartographer70 New devlog on my shoot em‘ up roguelike game about how I made upgrades, a menu and more

I just uploaded a new devlog on youtube for my shoot em' up roguelike indie game.
It's mainly about how I made upgrades, a mainmenu and an ingame tutorial for my game. But I did even more the past month.
Hope you enjoy the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpC8nqZqzyA
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2021.09.26 15:18 kissfan42069 done thx 4 the support through some of this tracking <3

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2021.09.26 15:18 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 15:18 Special-Section2453 The decentralised hub of streaming, 🎬 🎮 gaming & full spectrum entertainment powered by a pioneering token economy enabling barrier free play, watch & learn-to-earn. 🧠

DeHub in 1 Sentence ✍
The decentralised hub of streaming, 🎬 🎮 gaming & full spectrum entertainment powered by a pioneering token economy enabling barrier free play, watch & learn-to-earn. 🧠
Utility 🚀
Access houseless casinos, classic mini games, tournaments & events in both the real and virtual worlds.
Increase as well as a range of tokens in our gaming d'app just for holding DeHub Tokens.
Access PPV events, exclusive screenings and NFT drops from our productions as well as those we license.
1m club 50% off PPV Rare NFT drops up to 1/100 Private social club
10m club Free PPV Netflix & Prime subscriptions (integrated to aggregator app) Super rate NFT drops up to 1/10 Whitelist for all exclusive NFT drops (original productions and games) Private social club
50m club Free PPV and seat at the table at all DAO events Netflix, Amazon, Disney, DAZN and all streaming apps (integrated to aggregator app) Ultra rare NFT drops up to 1/1 Whitelist & Guaranteed allocation for all Exclusive drops Private social club
Vote on productions, funding, cancellations and renewals of favourite motion pictures.
Become the ref or judge at a variety of major events while voting on decisions and awards.
Suggest and implement strategic direction and influence entire DAO movements.
Innovations / Unique Selling Points / USP
"Trikenomics" (reflections + semi auto buy back + hodler rewards) token economy ensures the ecosystem can provide consistent streams of paid games with no entry fees. (removing the barriers and ensuring you no longer need money to play-to-earn)
"Teletopia" Decentralised & censorship resistant funding of creations and creators. (levelling the playing field and enabling anyone to propell into the limelight)
"Tournetopia" Allowing any game across any console to be used in online tournaments as long as it is live streamed. (lowering the barrier of enjoyment so anyone shy of the latest set-ups may still reap the same benefits)
Blockchain verified voting on career defining decisions in boxing, mma and eventually all forms of sports and awards.
Parent company registered with the SEC of the Philippines
Goals for 2021/2022
100,000 app users 100,000 token holders 1 major PPV event 1 original motion picture 1 original play to earn game $1bn market cap
https://t.me/Dehubofficial Dehub.net https://discord.gg/JMHec2mfPa
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2021.09.26 15:18 strawberry0301 gimme

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