[USA - CA] [H] Acer Aspire 5 Slim upgraded to 16gb Ram and 1TB SSD(also the 128gb NVME SSD it came with) [W] PAYPAL

2021.09.26 13:50 whydoesGODHATEFAGS [USA - CA] [H] Acer Aspire 5 Slim upgraded to 16gb Ram and 1TB SSD(also the 128gb NVME SSD it came with) [W] PAYPAL

This is the initial laptop, I upgraded from 4gb to 16gb with two 8 gig sticks of 2666mhz. Also installed a 1tb SanDisk SSD alongside the 128gb NVME SSD it came with. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RF1XD36/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_C99P1K77PF7VBGGGJNSV
This is a similarly specced one(mine still has an extra 128gb NVME) that's going for 600, so I feel an asking price of 500 is fair. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08T73BCZB/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_KRMYWB1MFAHJG63PPSXY
The laptop is ~a year old, it is super clean besides the stickers I will take off and clean up. It only went to my college classes and remained in my backpack when not in use so it's perfectly clean. The laptop runs perfectly, I just am low on cash(yay college!). Feel free to ask for any specifics. Shipping from USA California. $500.
Proof: Open, I'll take the stickers off, the middle one is covered cause it's a pic of my family, couldnt get a good pic cpuz open with timestamp sorry, CPU, memory, Graphics.
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2021.09.26 13:50 thatman33 Ted Lasso’s wardrobe is modeled after Jim Harbaugh

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2021.09.26 13:50 Anonymous_1592 My roommates new boyfriend is a walking red flag, how do I tell her?

My gf (28) and I (29 F) live with our roommate (24 F), we met through a listing, so we weren't friends before moving in together. We all get along pretty well, but we aren't best friends, have super deep conversations, etc. (although she does know I just got out of a 10 year abusive relationship with a man.)
Yesterday we moved to a new apartment and she told us this new guy she is talking to had offered to help move our furniture. After meeting him we're both (my gf and I) concerned for our roommate.
Some of the red flags:

-When I thanked him afterwards he made eye contact (so I know he heard) and kept walking (seems to be a theme...)
-Idk how long they have been talking (max 1 month) but my roommate has already met his family. This is particularly odd since before him she wasn't looking for anything serious. Just trying to get "D" (in her own words.)
Obviously I don't know if he is abusive, and this was only my first time meeting him, but I can't imagine that someone who can treat someone else with such disrespect would treat their SO any differently.
I want to warn my roommate, it breaks my heart to think of the horrible situation she could be entering, but I don't know how. I don't think she respects my opinion, and I know she doesn't understand abusive relationships. She was severely abused as a kid, but tells us about it while laughing to deflect the seriousness of it. She clearly has loads of unresolved trauma so is a prime target for an abuser. When I told her I had no idea I was being abused until months after I broke up with my ex, she brushed it off saying, "that's how it always goes."
How can I tell her to run for the hills?
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2021.09.26 13:50 tim_macgyver New Method to Setup Raspberry Pi Without Keyboard or Mouse (Headless)

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2021.09.26 13:50 StaanyLoa Should strings better be stored in front or backend?

I am building a choose your own adventure game for the web and until now I was sending the text needed for it via a rest api to my java script front end but now I realized that I could just store the text in the frontend. Would that be a viable option or would it be bad performance wise?
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2021.09.26 13:50 mango7w7 18F looking for [Friendship]

Henlo, umm Im looking for new friends to chat with and probably play games with- ^w^
Im kinda hard to talk to at first cuz I have a hard time keeping a conversation going.
Im from Europe so preferably looking for people from here, its a bit hard to keep up with conversations when i wake up and the other person goes to sleep lmao.
Im mostly interested in music, games and anime. I love cats and tea ;w;
Up to share memes with you ^^
Anyways uhh Im not sure what else to say, have a nice day everyone-
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2021.09.26 13:50 Helpmepls19991 Gf (20) went started to hit me and became very creepy (22m)

I have posted a half of this already, but didn’t mention the 2nd part where she started to hit me.
We have been together for two years now.
Last night, she was laying on top of me and touching me in a seductive way while also having a conversation with me. I joking told her that I can’t really focus if she is doing me like that. She jokingly asked me back why that turns me on. (We were in a flirty mood) I said, I laughed and said because you are not a guy. She got triggered and relied “so other girls turn you on too? wtf” So we kept discussing about it. She got pretty aggressive. She asked me about 50 times what I meant. Then I told her that I meant that I am straight and that it turns me on bc she is a female. She was really terrified and told me that I should have said “it’s bc you are my girl” and that other women shouldn’t turn me on. She kept aggressively telling me that I am disgusting and kept asking me for the 100th time what I really meant.
Than I got very angry too and said that if she wouldn’t exist I would be prolly date another women and be turned on by them but not by a guy and she went really crazy also wanting to break up with me. She kept saying that she would have never thought I’d say that. Generally she is very jealous.
Did I make a mistake? Was that very mean?
It was 5am and she was yelling at me. Telling me that she wants to break up and that she can’t take it anymore. Then she got up started hitting and scratching me. I had never seen her like that before. Then she started starring into one point said I’d be turned on by someone else and that she has to kill me. At this point I was completely freaked out. I said that she should stop or I’d call the police. She said “Would they believe or me?” at the same point she took the phone off my hands and calmed down. Asked me for the next 2 hours what I meant by that. I have NEVER seen her act like that before.
Today she said, that she was just playing to be angry bc she said that she was afraid that I would hit her (lol?). She says that she wanted me to get afraid and back off. But she totally went on me and started scratching and hitting me saying that I am a son of a ...., and many other bad things. I maybe did get up and yelled at her but not the way she did to me. Not at all. Now she is saying that she loves me so so so so much and never wants to lose me, that all couples argue sometimes and that she was just afraid that I was into others I know she loves me a lot but idk.
Honestly, I don’t know what to do. Why does she react so impulsively? She wasn’t like that a year ago...
TLDR: gf was seducing me, asked me why she turn me on.Said bc she is not a guy (im straight). She went crazy claiming that other women turn me on too. She wanted to break up with me and started hitting and scratching me. Claimed that she wants to kill me and now says that was a lie to make me feel afraid.
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2021.09.26 13:50 elaeisnotsmart shanks fanart <33

shanks fanart <33
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2021.09.26 13:50 ItzShaun07 Planning to upgrade my psu

I've been thinking this for a while since my psu is only generic. Should I change my psu immediately?
Pc specs: Ryzen 5 2400g 8gb ddr4 2666mhz 1050 2gb oc
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2021.09.26 13:50 Awkward_Host7 How to do laundry without separating the clothes?

I understand that it would give the best results but I don't have enough clothes or time to.
With all my clothes it just fills the laundry drum 1/4 full which is the minimum.
I use the Eco setting with 30°. So hopefully it doesn't damage my clothes.
What dryer settings should I do?
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2021.09.26 13:50 Handleman92 Quarantine order

It's looking very likely that my girlfriend is getting a QO tomorrow pending a PCR test of her work colleague ( her parent has tested positive and now she is displaying symptoms).
My question is as we have a 1 bed 1 bath apartment and I need to go to work daily. Can I check into a hotel to allow her to do the QO in our apartment rather than some facility?
Anyone else had a similar issue?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.26 13:50 OriMoriNotSori Found this at the store just now. Yay or nay?

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2021.09.26 13:50 expressivetarot 🔮Multi-page tarot reading reports delivered to your email in a pdf. Ask the cards about your situation today.🔮

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2021.09.26 13:50 CleverSpaceMonkey Rey & Kylo....A love story......

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2021.09.26 13:50 haaruun143 My country beauty

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2021.09.26 13:50 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 13:50 vekvi009 Nut job

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2021.09.26 13:50 tim_macgyver New Method to Setup Raspberry Pi Without Keyboard or Mouse (Headless)

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2021.09.26 13:50 berserker1979 Morgan Fairchild

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2021.09.26 13:50 Ocrim-Issor How Do You Animate To BPM?

I am doing a small "music video" with some pics. I applied the pics I want as a texture to a plane and made them rigid objects. I used another plane as sort of a table and made that rigid too. So when animated (dynamic) the pics fall on this table.
However, I want to make them one on top of the other at a specific rate (65BPM). What is the best way to do this? At what frame rate precisely? What exact frame should they drop off in? The song would be "The best of you" by Foo Fighters and I want them to touch the table every time the singer says "the best" in the chorus.
Moreover, the first 3 pics fall as I wanted them to. However, the fourth one ruins everything male them bounce like crazy as if it were some sort of bomb. Any ideas why that happens?
Thanks in advance for any reply
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2021.09.26 13:50 ozgur_07 Boris Johnson'ın gecenki UN deki konuşmasınıdan bi parça

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2021.09.26 13:50 somethingidk123hh Every ash team

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2021.09.26 13:50 niuz-bot Cîţu spune că nu există posibilitatea ca PNL să piardă funcţia de preşedinte al Camerei: Majorităţile în Parlament se negociază - [Viata parlamentara]

Liderul PNL, Florin Cîţu, a declarat că nu există posibilitatea ca partidul său să piardă funcţia de preşedinte al Camerei Deputaţilor, în contextul în care Ludovic Orban a anunţat că renunţă la această poziţie, Cîţu afirmând că majorităţile în Parlament 'se negociază'...
Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/viata-parlamentara/2021/09/26/citu-spune-ca-nu-exista-posibilitatea-ca-pnl-sa-piarda-functia-de-presedinte-al-camerei-majoritatile-in-parlament-se-negociaza--785881
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2021.09.26 13:50 KonsulBerger Yep

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2021.09.26 13:50 sjeggy6 This is not what i asked for

This is not what i asked for
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