2021.09.26 13:43 lssqa_banned LssTest-TextPost-71693

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2021.09.26 13:43 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 13:43 skeltord Do people HATE Pikmin 4??

I just beat the game and I absolutely LOVED it. I've been browsing the sub, now that I no longer need to avoid spoilers, expecting people to feel the same way - but instead, what I found was a complete mix of both love and hatred towards every aspect - hence, I decided to address every point I've seen. There WILL be spoilers.
First - the ending. Everyone seems to have missed one important detail about it - there are 3 of them. I saw many people complain about how long, bizarre, confusing, and convoluted it is - those people obviously got the first ending, after beating gilded longlegs, which is DESIGNED to confuse you. It's meant to hint that there might be something more. As others have mentioned, if you decrypt this ending it can reveal the solution to the puzzle - and lead you straight to the secret final boss, a monster so large that it literally IS the final level that you just played. Beating it unlocks the true ending, which is incredibly sincere, emotional, and well written. And the third one? That's the end of LOUIE'S story, a literally joke campaign. Honestly, I can critique the game for presenting the choice between Olimar and Louie at the very start as a simple preference thing... because Louie's story is the same game but with the whole story being a complete joke. I personally found it hilarious as soon as I figured out it's a non-canon troll, but I understand the confusion. And yes... I did find the Pikmin 5 tease. I'd rather not spoil that here.
Next, some gameplay concerns: I am aware that many have expressed frustration with the boring fetch quests and god-awful fishing minigame. But... fishing is optional. The game doesn't seem to convey this the best, but you never actually have to fish. Not only that, they've announced a 1.5 patch for mid-October that should fix these things, so that's good!
Also wanted to mention the huge amount of little details spread across the game, many have mad posts about these. Just shouting out this game's amazing attention to detail.
Then... There's the pacing. This seems to be a seriously common complaint, people getting stuck in the large world (I've seen a little too many help request posts in the last 24 hours alone...), annoyed by the long wait between missions, etc. I completely disagree. This is an open-world game (and easily the best-looking one ever released on the switch, at that) and you're essentially expected to find things to do yourself. I know that sounds weird, but there are always enemies, bonus onions, medals, caves, and so many treasure dens everywhere. The gap between story missions is expecting you to explore, and similarly to BOTW, they want you to keep increasing your stats by diving into treasure dens, and those never get old, with some of the most fun and creative linear challenges the series has seen yet. And of course - There's the Golden Pikmin quest. I know, a Pikmin type that only has 100 copies of it in the whole game SOUNDS like a bad idea on paper, but I like treating them like a COLLECTABLE, specifically one with a utility use for collecting treasure and multiplying it thanks to their special powers. And NO. You CAN'T get locked out of completion by losing one. just use a rewind stone or go back to the start of the day. keeping your golden Pikmin alive is part of the challenge!
And so much of this game's original ideas keep getting unappreciated! People are loving the hell out of Green Pikmin, and yes, they're great, but the Ice Pikmin aren't getting nearly enough love with how much they bring to the table. I also genuinely LOVE the money system - the thing is, some people might not buy any of the ""assist"" items because they don't ""need"" assistance, even though the game is entirely designed around not only buying many with your money but also using them to scour the world for clues and tackle challenges in interesting ways. Love the vacuum bottle. I also wanted to address the absence of the Piklopedia. The reason I wanted to mention it is that it is MISINFORMATION. Those saying that it will be added back in 1.5 are trying to make people believe that it's not there - but in fact, this game simply has a secret Piklopedia. Monuments all feature this carving on the wall, that only appear after the game is beaten, and if you look at it well it can actually reveal the information that when combined with every other monument reveals the Piklopedia and unlocks the post-game, asking you to fill it 100% to complete the game. I completed Pikmin 4 and had a BLAST.
I'm hoping to see more appreciation and recognition for this game's greatness in the future, and hope that the new information i have revealed will help you enjoy the game more!
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2021.09.26 13:43 MHK_98 Where is mica plate available in Karachi?

Mica plates are the parts found in ovens and toasters. Which stores sell them?
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2021.09.26 13:43 pbb7383 sundays are for going out lingerie shopping. will have more later if interested:)

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2021.09.26 13:43 hachingozaimas If a series was renamed based off of what happened in their last episode, what would be its name now?

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2021.09.26 13:43 1tuff_nut Are the headphones sold from this store legit? Looking to buy shp9500s

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2021.09.26 13:43 hsinankirdar FOX [1440x3200]

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2021.09.26 13:43 Castlefree43 One of the funniest parts of humour is when you tell it to people who don’t quite get it yet

You don’t tell it to them to cause them distress, discomfort, or confusion but you tell it to them because it’s funny, and they may or may not get it.
What you see here is the humour is relative but not necessarily subversive; when you tell it to someone who doesn’t get it, it doesn’t offend them, but it takes them a while to “get it.”
I won’t say every comdian has ti understand this but I think a few comedians may agree (and even learn something).
Comedy should not be intended to offend, but to surprise – as an idea one had not considered, or a conclusion one had not thought of.
When telling jokes or displaying your sense of humour (whether it be irony, dry wit, self-deprecation, political humour, etc), please remember that, while not everyone may get it, as long as you find it funny, it is
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2021.09.26 13:43 ABA61 Baidu’s “Apollo Go,” a Self-Driving Ride-Hailing Service, Expands to Shanghai

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2021.09.26 13:43 rubes___ Manchester United W 0 - [1] Chelsea W - Fran Kirby 2’

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2021.09.26 13:43 SpeakerIntelligent49 RoBlouse

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2021.09.26 13:43 NewsElfForEnterprise 3 Things to Watch in the Stock Market This Week

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2021.09.26 13:43 Its_yer_dude_trevor That teady bear really workin up a sweat

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2021.09.26 13:43 G-Muscle-9 Cobra Kai Season 4 - Teaser Trailer

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2021.09.26 13:43 2globalnomads I made a new free web app for checking who is online at the moment playing World of Tanks for finding platoon mates. https: Tq8bCBF Let me know how if you like and report me all the bugs so I can get them fixed. Cheers, Santeri

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2021.09.26 13:43 1ProStar1 guessing voice lines for stu animated pins! (hope his voice lines for his pins come this update )

default pin : dadada dada!!
happy pin : im a one lean , mean , winning machine !
cry pin : im j-just a hunk , of junk
angry pin : this machine is g-getting mean
gg pin : winners munch on c-colt crunch , its spectacular!
clap pin : *clap noises*(LMAO ,ofc)
phew pin : time to wipe my tears and clean my gears!
thanks pin : sp-pin to win , b-baby!
special pin : spectacular stu merchadise now for sale, s-side effects may include to be awsome
What r ur thoughts stu fans?!
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2021.09.26 13:43 Annielmartin Updated Wisdom Panel results for Jack

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2021.09.26 13:43 flakfire15 My most skilled crew. This crew has 2700 battles on record and 7.5 million exp. What's your best crew?

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2021.09.26 13:43 dulla_69 ඔන්න කොටෝ මේක මීම් රිවිව් කිව්වෙ නැත් නම් ඔයැයිගෙ ලබ්බ බහී 🤣🤣

ඔන්න කොටෝ මේක මීම් රිවිව් කිව්වෙ නැත් නම් ඔයැයිගෙ ලබ්බ බහී 🤣🤣 submitted by dulla_69 to TKASYLUM [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 13:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - UFC 266: Alex Volkanovski says Conor McGregor ‘sounds like he’s drunk’ with tweet – ‘good on him, so am I’ | South China Morning Post

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2021.09.26 13:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - HDFC Bank aims to double rural presence, hire 2,500 people | Times of India

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2021.09.26 13:43 darmodyjimguy If WWII ran like Game of Thrones.

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